Blackall publican killed by bursting beer keg

The Prince of Wales Hotel, Blackall, Queensland 1933.

The Prince of Wales Hotel, Blackall, Queensland 1933.

WHILE serving in his bar at the Prince of Wales Hotel, Blackall (Queensland) on Monday morning, a keg of beer exploded portion of which struck the proprietor, Mr. Wally Rutherford necessitating his immediate removal to hospital, where he died later. He had been licensee of the Prince of Wales Hotel for 11 years, was a registered bookmaker and patron of the Colts Football Club.The funeral was largely attended,and Rev. Cowen conducted the service. Deceased leaves a wife,son and daughter.

– The Longreach Leader (Qld.) Friday 4 March 1949


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  1. The Prince of Wales hasn’t changed a bit.

  2. any other info on the hotel like who built it how old is it etc

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