Beer goes down the creek

lithgow zig zag brewery

The Zig Zag Brewery, Lithgow C1900. The brewery later became Terry’s Brewery.

IN the midst of a beer shortage in New South Wales in 1948, as a result of brewery strikes, lips were undoubtedly licked, and a tear or two shed, when locals watched over 1,000 gallons of beer disappear down a Lithgow creek.

When Terry’s Brewery, in the coal mining centre of Lithgow, west of the Blue Mountain was forced to pour 1400 gallons of the amber nectar into the creek, it caused a sensation and was widely reported in newspapers around the state.

The Canberra Times revealed hundreds of people stood stunned as £400 of beer, ready for bottling, was discovered to have been polluted by a broken “brine pipe” at the bewery, and was unfit for drinking.

Terry’s Brewery manager and owner, Norman Wyld had no choice but to pour the beer into the local creek. The National Advocate (Bathurst, NSW) reported on Thursday 18 March 1948:

LITHGOW, Wednesday , a group of Lithgow citizens looked on with wry faces today as 1400 gallons of beer was poured into Farmers Creek under the supervision of an excise official. The beer had to be dumped because coils in a brewer vat had burst and admitted brine into the beer.

Terry’s Brewery was established by Henry Corbett as the Zig Zag Brewery in 1884. It later became known as the Lithgow Brewery in 1928, and Terry’s Brewery in 1935. It closed in 1958.


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