The Bulli Creek Hotel

Bulli Creek HotelYes… There’s another Bulli, besides in the Illawarra, NSW.

Bulli Creek is located south west of Toowoomba in Queensland on the Darling Downs. And yes, there is also another Bulli pub, besides the Illawarra’s Heritage Hotel… Well, kind-of…

solarBulli Creek is open woodland, and farming country, except for the “Claytons” watering hole (pictured above)… I dug this magazine clipping from one of my files. It’s undated, but on the back is a cigarette advertisement (so probably early 1990s).

Bulli Creek’s claim to fame these days is a planned $1 billion solar farm. Approval has been granted for Australia’s biggest solar farm with developers hoping to begin construction in 2016 on project (artist impression pictured right)). The solar panel farm would be built west of Toowoomba at a 200-hectare site at Bulli Creek, which sits between Millmerran and Goondiwindi.


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