Young and Jacksons’ famous nude

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chloe young and jacksons cartoon 1939

Young & Jackson’s is famous for Chloe, of course, but
we’ve never managed to meet her… Smith’s Weekly 4 February 1939 

THE Young and Jackson’s, built in the 1850s, is one of Australia’s most well known hotels. It was built, as the Princes Bridge Hotel (pictured above), on part of an allotment originally purchased by John Batman in 1837.

chloe 9Young and Jackson were both born in Dublin, and “chummed together” to New Zealand chasing the Otago gold deposits in 1861. It is not known when they came to Victoria, but they purchased the lease on the Princes Bridge Hotel in 1875.

The Young and Jackson Hotel, not withstanding its position on Melbourne’s most prominent intersection, is best known for the infamous Chloe painting, painted by Jules Lefebvre in 1875, which received the gold medal at the Great International Exhibition in Melbourne in 1881. The painting caused an uproar when, as recorded by letters published in the Argus, the National Gallery exhibited the painting on Sundays. The Young and Jackson Hotel purchased Chloe in 1908, hanging the painting in the saloon bar.

– Source: Culture Victoria

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SHE is a Melbourne icon, mascot for the HMAS Melbourne, an extremely fine work of art; she is an ingénue, a nymph, a celebrity. She is Chloe (pictured), the famous nude portrait which has graced the walls of the Young and Jackson Hotel since 1909.

Throughout her life, Chloe has kept company with artists, poets, wharfies, Prime Ministers and drunks, soldiers, sailors, celebrities, bushies, labourers and art connoisseurs. Her history involves transformation, death, intrigue, love, war, depression and passion.

Chloe now hangs in Chloe’s Bar, so you can enjoy a drink or a meal while you admire this true Australian icon.

– Young and Jacksons Hotel

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chloe 5Nude Painting Offends

Hotel Customer

MELBOURNE, Friday. – Traffic was stopped in Swanston Street to-day by a big crowd which gathered to watch the removal of “Chloe,” a painting valued at £3500, from Young and Jackson’s hotel. A customer apparently offended by the immodesty of the nude figure, hurled a glass of beer at the picture and damaged It.

– Northern Star (Lismore, NSW) Saturday 16 October 1943.


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