This snake was a real one!

Fred Kleino

VIC PEDRIO, left, and Fred Kleino thought they were seeing things when a customer let his pet snake out in a city hotel yesterday.
The Sydney Daily Telegraph Thursday March 23 1950
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THE LAST SNAKE STORY – A country paper relates that a man at Ghin Ghin lately rushed into the hotel there in a very excited state, asserting that he had been bitten by a snake.

The host gave plentiful noblers of brandy, expecting to see him die any moment.

After imbiding freely, the patient fell sound asleep, and afterwards woke up with a bad headache.

The fellow had found out a new dodge for getting cheap grog!

– Kiama Independent Thursday 15 April 1869.

Hotel Darwin, Northern Territory 1948

Hotel Darwin, Northern Territory 1948

Snake in Darwin Bar

DARWIN, Monday. – Jack  Rogers, a buffalo shooter, entered the bar of the Hotel Darwin to-day, placed a large snake on the bar, and ordered a pot of beer.

He found himself almost alonewithin a few seconds.

A few drinkers, however, stood their ground-even when the snake crawled over them. They had already been told that it was a water snake, and harmless.

Rogers said: “I would sooner eat it than the tenderest fillet of steak.”

– Sydney Morning Herald Tuesday 20 July 1948.

Turkey v. Snake

A TURKEY had a black snake bailed up in the yard of the Bank Hotel on Monday, just at the foot of thestairway (says Dungog Chronicle).  

Mr Pat O’Neill, the proprietor, sided with the turkey, and they won. The snake measured 3ft 6in., and it did not escape from a bottle either!
–  Nepean Times (Penrith) Saturday 8 April 1933.


MELBOURNE. – Walking into a city hotel late yesterday with a tiger snake in his hand, a man was given plenty of elbow room in which to have his drink.

Another man then entered and accused the first man of stealing the snake from a tattoo shop near by.

The first man pushed the snake into his shirt, but later handed it over to the second man, who left.

Subsequently the first man became drowsy and was taken by ambulance to hospital where he was treated for snake bite.

– Barrier Miner (Broken Hill) Thursday 16 November 1944.

snake drinking beerBeer-drinking snake

Murgatroyd the snake drinks a pony of beer a day – to keep the rats away.

Murgatroyd, coiled around his master, Bob Deering, of Dulwich Hill (Sydney), in the picture, shuffles along to the hotel each evening.

“A middy for me and a pony for Murgy,” Bob  tells the barmaid.

Murgatroyd, who holds his liquor like a man, knocks back the pony. Then he lies back happily and sees all sorts of things – like pink men. But, says Deering, who has to carry him back to bed, his pet won’t catch rats unless he’s had a skinful.

– Advocate (Burnie, Tasmania) Friday 8 October 1954.

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