Singleton Beer Taps Gain KO

The Terminus Hotel, Singleton.

The Terminus Hotel, Singleton.

Jimmy Carruthers

Jimmy Carruthers

FORMER world bantamweight champion, Jimmy Carruthers, claims that serving beer in a crowded bar is harder than a day’s gymnasium work.

Carruthers, who is trying out the hotel business, spent his first full day of work at the Terminus Hotel, Singleton, on Friday.

“There was a record crowd for the hotel, and the beer was sold out before closing time.

“I think I satisfied the customers with the way I pulled the beerThere were no complaints, anyhow.”

After two weeks at Singleton, Carruthers will move to a bigger hotel, at Gilgandra

  • The Sun-Herald (Sydney) Sunday 30 May 1954.

Jimmy Carruthers (James William Carruthers) was born in Paddington NSW on July 25 1929. He was an Australian boxer, who became world champion in the bantamweight division. He died on August 15 1990 at Narrabeen, Sydney.

The Terminus Hotel was one of the early hotels to be built in the railway area in Singletone. There were several owners until 1962 when the hotel was severely damaged by fire. Trade was restored for a short period of time but the pub was later demolished. In 1966 Kirkwood’s Produce moved into the newly built premises. Original image: Singleton Historical Society and Museum.

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  1. Hello
    I was wondering if the pub, in the old photo above, was ever known as the Agricultural Hotel, owned by the Janson family. Do you know who the people in the photo are? I have recently come across a family photo which looks very much the same.
    Cheers Meegan

  2. My Grandfather Peter (George) Kohler was the Publican until 1936 when he became publican at the Cessnock Hotel for 4 years. My Mother and her 7 siblings lived there in the pub.

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