Palace Hotel, Rockhampton

Treasure trove under bar-room floor

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The Palace Hotel, Rockhampton, undated. Photo: Rockhampton & District Historical Society.

ROCKHAMPTON, January 6: An extensive heap of beer bottles, tops, and corks, lying near the gutter outside an East Street hotel this morning provoked a wide range of thought from passers-by. During the course of renovations to the Palace Hotel, situated in East Street, workmen had to take up the floor boards to renew the floor. And what a treasure trove they found of bottle tops and corks. To a number of small boys, and even grown men, the heap, which was nine feet long, five feet wide, and 18 inches high, it meant that where bottle tops had fallen, so might money, and the debris was thoroughly sifted. For one at least, who braved the stares of passers-by, it was a payable proposition and he collected 5s. 9d. However, the arrival of a rubbish cart broke in on the hunt, whilst small boys looked in dismay at its departure.

– The Telegraph (Brisbane, Qld) Tuesday 7 January 1936.

palace hotel brisbane today 1 google copy

The former Palace Hotel, Rockhampton 2017. Photo: Google Streetview.


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