Cow Rushed The Bar

 cow barSydney, Wednesday

A MADDENED cow charged down the main street of Wagga last night with a policeman close behind.

The cow charged through the door of Wagga’s newspaper office, knocked down a fence, then stormed through two sets of swing-ing glass doors to enter the lounge of a nearby hotel.

The guests retreated up-stairs, and the cow visited the bar – through glass doors.

There it smashed glasses, bottles, and fittings, brushed against beer taps, turning them on, and then wallowed in the beer.

Senior-Constable J. Holland, who had been chasing the cow, seized a coat and played the role of matador. The cow charged, missed the coat, and slid out the hotel door.

Finally it was corralled in the sale-yards.

-The Melbourne Argus Thursday March 11 1954.


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