National Hotel, Mt Molloy

National Hotel Mt Molloy qld 1996

The National Hotel, Mt Molloy 1996

MOUNT Molloy is a historic mining and timber town lying 55 kilometres north of Cairns. It is within the local government area of Shire of Mareeba. At the 2011 census, the town and surrounding area had a population of 273.

The Cairns Morning Post reported on Wednesday October 18 1905 that a new pub had opened in Mt Molloy: “Mr. A. Emmanuel of the National Hotel has leased the premises to Messrs Nissen and Buchanan. The hotel was opened on the 4th, and is one of the most modern up-to-date establishments of the kind in the far North.”

national hotel mt molloy 1908

The National Hotel, Mt Molloy C1908

The newspaper went on to report that the licensees are “thoroughly experienced hotelkeepers, and as they thoroughly understand mining and mining men, visitors and others going to the field should put up at this new hotel.”

national hotel mt molloy qld 1996 pat adams

Patrick Adams “refreshed”, leaves the public bar of the National Hotel 1996

My mate, Pat Adams (pictured) and myself took up the offer of the Cairns Morning Post  – albeit 91 years later – and “put up” for a couple of cold beers at the pub in 1996, while on one of our regular ‘pub crawls around the country…  This one was during a visit to a few historic watering holes in far north Queensland.

Read about my re-visit to the National Hotel, Mt Molloy, more than 20 years later in 2019, on our Time Gents’ road trip to Far North Queensland here.


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