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SPECTATORS in the Horsham Court became convulsed with laughter on Tuesday during the hearing of a case in which Albert McGee, of Dooen Hotel, pleaded not guilty to selling beer in prohibited hours.
McGee said two men called and asked for two bottles of beer. He suspected a police trap, and gave them two bottles of distilled water.
The Court ordered the bottles to be opened, and to everybody’s delight, clear water, instead of beer, was poured into glasses.
The Magistrate immediately dismissed the case.
The Shoalhaven News and South Coast Districts AdvertiserSaturday 2 February 1929.


The Dooen Hotel is a county pub in Dooen in the Wimmera area of western Victoria in Australia. It is one of the last few occupied buildings remaining in Dooen. Main access to the tiny town is via the Henty Highway, which runs from Mildura to Portland. More


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