Magistrate forces Semaphore Hotel to close on a Saturday afternoon


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Semaphore Hotel, Semaphore. Picture: Google Streetview

“Liquor Obtainable Tonight”


semaphore hotel sign“Owing to the decision of Magistrate Ronald, these premises will be closed between the hours of 12 p.m. and 6 p.m. on Saturday, June 24. BUT, a three course meal for 1/3 can be obtained between 6 and 8 p.m. Liquor obtain-able.”  Notices to this affect adorned the windows of the bar of the Semaphore Hotel, Semaphore road, Semaphore, today. They were posted as the result of an order by Mr. S. D. Ronald, S.M. in the Industrial Court this week. The order was made following the conviction of Neil Frederick Krogbahl for having been the licensee of an hotel in which a bet, by way of wagering, was made on December 31, 1932. On the bottom left hand corners of the notices were drawn handles of beer. In the dining room of the hotel 16 tables were prepared for tonight’s customers. The three courses will consist of soup, roast pork or lamb and vegetables, and sweets. Business at the hotel this morning was normal, and at noon the few customers in the bar left quietly and the doors were closed. Only one police officer was present.

Adelaide News Saturday 24 June 1933

The Semaphore Hotel, Semaphore, South Australia, opened in 1867 as a two storied stone building. The third storey and rear section were added in the 1920s to offer holiday accommodation. The second floor featured a fine dining restaurant, in addition to the bistro on the ground floor, which is still in operation today. Source:


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