Hotel Flinders, Port Augusta

flinders hotel port august c1910

Flinders Hotel, Port Augusta C1910


Hanging on the wall in the public bar of the Flinders Hotel is an enormous kangaroo skin, the size of which is indeed a very rare sight. The skin measures 8 feet 9 inches from the head to the tip of the tail and 3 feet in width. The skin was taken from a kangaroo recently caught by Mr. W. Williams of Yantanabie.
West Coast Sentinel (Streaky Bay, SA)Friday 11 October 1935.


The Hotel Flinders, Port Augusta South Australia was established  circa 1854. The pub is the oldest established hotel in the area and was originally named ‘MacKay’s Hotel’ after the local mayor (Alexander MacKay).

The Hotel Flinders attained its current name when James W. Gawen took over ownership in March 1879. The original description in the Port Augusta Dispatch of 1880 describes the Flinders Family Hotel:

“…The principal feature in hotels is the “Flinders” quite a palatial affair of from 40-50 rooms.  Travellers can be accommodated with every luxury, including a look out on the top of the house, spacious promenade, fine billiard room, with two tables…”

– Port Augusta Dispatch March 26 1880.

flinders Hotel Port Augusta 1015

Flinders Hotel, Port Augusta 2015

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