No refills while on strike…

wharf barrels
THESE beer barrels, which were being returned to the Sydney breweries, formed a section of the cargo stacked on King’s Wharf [Sydney Harbour] yesterday after wharf labourers, engaged in loading the Mulubinba, were withdrawn by their union. The development followed the union’s decision to stop handling all general cargo on coastal vessels.

– Newcastle Morning Herald Tuesday 14 May 1946

Raymond Bearcroft post to the Historic Sydney Facebook Group: “My first ship as deck boy in 1956…. had to share the cabin with the Bosun …… and he smoked a pipe ….. he had the bottom bunk and I had to climb up to the top bunk …..No wonder I was sea sick for a couple of months before I got my sea legs……. Regards….”

-With thanks, Historic Sydney Facebook Group


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