Bodyline cricketer’s armour


Stan McCabe*


Has Suit of Armour !
ADELAIDE, January 18,
When Stan McCabe returned to his hotel late last night he found installed in his room a complete equipment for combating leg theory bowling.
Standing in the corner was a full suit of armour. It appears that the proprietor’s son has had the relic in his possession for a long time. At last it has been of some use, even if only as a practical joke.
– The Telegraph (Brisbane, Qld.) Thursday 19 January 1933


* Stanley Joseph “Stan” McCabe was an Australian cricketer who played 39 Test matches for Australia from 1930 to 1938. In 1932–33, McCabe made his breakthrough at international level in the First Test of the infamous Bodyline series, scoring an unbeaten 187 at the Sydney Cricket Ground in only four hours as his teammates fell around him.

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