Gold Mines Hotel, Bendigo


The Gold Mines Hotel, Bendigo. Photo: Gold Mines Hotel

Ejected from hotel

Young men’s strange conduct

At Bendigo on Wednesday night, a number of young men went to the Gold Mines Hotel and demanded drink, stating that they were travellers. They refused to leave the premises, and when the licensee called upon six boarders to eject them, they strewed their luggage on the footpath. Later they undressed, bathed in a dam, used filthy language, and when some women passed, followed them in a nude state. Subsequently several of the offenders, were arrested and were fined in the local court.
– Daily Examiner (Grafton, NSW)Saturday 10 December 1927.


The Goldmines Hotel was opened in Marong Road, Bendigo Victoria in 1857, and the current hotel was completed in 1872. Designed by Vahland & Getzshmann for David Chaplin Sterry & Family, the hotel remained in the family until 1990.

The Walduck family purchased the hotel in 2010 and have restored and breathed new life into business, establishing what some say is Victoria’s best beer garden.
The pub today has become known for live music, and is a popular function venue, with its
extensive gardens.

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