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freak-catA SOUTH Australian hotel proprietor owns this remarkable two-legged cat (pictured). It is four years old and fully grown, and does not seem to miss the front legs of which fate deprived it. It walks upright, but when in a hurry it hops like a kangaroo.

– Albany Advertiser (WA) Monday 16 November 1931. 

IF it had lived, this freak kitten would have been worth a pot of money to its Kalgoorlie owner. It has one body, eight legs and two tails. The kitten lived for 10 hours and then died from the intense heat. Now it is being displayed by Mr. Tom Clark at the Victoria Hotel.

– Mirror (Perth, WA) Saturday 15 February 1930.

DR William Gibb, of Murray Bridge, writes:—”There is to be seen at the Murray Bridge Hotel a rather unusual freak of nature – a goose with a double pair of wings. When this bird was a gosling it was thought some accident had caused the deformity, but now, with all the feathers on, the double wings are in evidence. It now takes the lead in excursions to the swamps, and the appearance is calculated to excite the risibilities of those who witness the march.”

– The Express and Telegraph (Adelaide, SA) Wednesday 29 November 1899.



The eigh legged cat that was displayed in the Victoria Hotel, Kalgoorlie, WA.

MRS Annie Wells, of the Meadows Hotel, Wilcannia Road, via Cobar, has reported to the stock inspector a freak calf. The animal is endowed with a fifth leg, which is attached to the hind quarters, which are abnormally large. As there is a great scarcity of grass in the surrounding country after the fires last year, probably the fond mother has endowed her offspring with an extra limb to assist it in walking long distances in search of food.

– Western Age (Dubbo, NSW) Friday 27 October 1922.

A FREAK cat was seen in a Cairns hotel recently. It has six ears, two on one side of the head and four on the other. The two ears on one side show two distinct drums. It has jaws and tail like an opossum, and has beautiful stripes of dark ginger and white.

– The Evening News (Rockhampton, Qld) Saturday 3 May 1930.

A RABBIT with teeth up to 1½ inches long was caught by Mr. Pat O’Mara, of the Hotel Dudley, at Evans Plains yesterday. The teeth curled like tusks and projected outwards from the mouth. The head of the rabbit was exhibited in Bathurst yesterday afternoon.

– National Advocate (Bathurst, NSW) Thursday 3 April 1952.

AS the result of setting a rat trap on Friday at the Railway hotel, Mr. J. Price, Sen., caught a small rat about two months old, with six legs. It was evident that the additional legs had not been used, but were attached to the body of the rodent at the hind end. The freak created a good deal of curious interest.

– West Gippsland Gazette (Warragul, Vic.) Tuesday 27 August 1929. 

MR Bernie Ryan, mine host of the Newcastle Hotel, possesses a cow which is something of a freak. It has had only one calf, and that was in 1925. Ever since that time it has never run dry and gives on the average a gallon of rich creamy milk daily. Should it not be milked on any occasion it gives double the quantity on the next milking. It is certainly unique but what one might expect from a cow belonging to a hotel.

– Toodyay Herald (WA) Friday 13 November 1936.

AN extraordinary freak of nature was discovered on Saturday by Mr. Jack Caddy, in the fowl house at the rear of his Commercial Hotel, Tumut. It was two shelless eggs like two white bags, joined together by a tubular cord an inch long. The one bag was full of yoke, and the other full of the white of an egg.

– The Tumut and Adelong Times (NSW) Tuesday 12 July 1927. 

AS an advertisement announces, a peculiar freak of nature in the shape of a bullock owning but three legs, may be seen at the rear of Parker’s Hotel. The animal, we understand, is to be forwarded to Sydney for further exhibition.

– Newcastle Morning Herald (NSW) Friday 10 October 1879.


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