New Year’s Eve attack on pub


Waratah Hotel, Mungungo. Photo: Shane Kemper, Google Views.


Hotel At Mungungo
What is believed to be an attempt at arson occurred at Mungungo on New Years Eve, and only for timely intervention the Waratah Hotel would be in ruins. The husband of the licensee Mr. Broadhurst was awakened by the crackling of burning pine and by the time the flames were extinguished they had eaten through the passage into the bar. Residents of Mungungo helped considerably to put the fire out with buckets from the full tanks. Branches and other debris assisted by kerosene is what the police found. They are investigating.
– Morning Bulletin (Rockhampton, Qld.)Wednesday 11 January 1933.
Established in 1929, the Waratah Hotel is located in Mungungo, an outback settlement in Central QLD, 13 kms from Monto and a short drive to Cania Dam and Kalpower State Forest. For more information visit the pub’s Facebook page: @mungungopub

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