Hotel Darwin

Hotel Darwin NT 1948

Hotel Darwin in 1948, where a croc on the bar in the saloon almost severed a drinker’s finger

Bitten by croc in hotel bar

Darwin. – Pat Wright, taxi driver, had the index finger of his right hand nearly severed yesterday afternoon when he tweaked a 5-ft. crocodile’s tail in Hotel Darwin Saloon bar. He was given an injection to counteract, poison from the decay behind the crocodile’s inch-long teeth.
The crocodile had been put on the bar counter while its owner had a drink. It appeared to be asleep when Wright touched it. It took four men to open the crocodile’s jaws and clamp them with an empty beer bottle.
– News (Adelaide, SA)Tuesday 26 October 1948.
Hotel Darwin 2016

The Hotel Darwin, corner of Herbert and Mitchell Streets, Darwin 2016. Photo: Google Streetview.


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