Palace Hotel croc attack


croc drain

BRISBANE, Friday. While two constables were walking along the main street of Townsville early yesterday morning, a crocodile, three and a half feet long, suddenly rose from the gutter, and snapped at a leg of one of the constables. With the assistance of two civilians, the policemen captured the reptile by throwing bags over it. Later it was found that the crocodile had escaped from captivity at the Palace Hotel, the proprietor of which arrived, and took the reptile back to its home in a pool.

– The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW) Saturday 4 May 1929.

“Taking one consideration with another…”

croc 1

This is all in a day’s work of a Brisbane policeman

croc 2

The Melbourne ‘John Hop’ often has to cope with this sort of thing.

croc 3

– And anything may happen in Sydney during the timber trouble


croc 4

But the Townsville police think there’s a limit to everything.

The vicissitudes of a policeman’s life were exemplified in Townsville the other day when a crocodile playfully demanded to be arrested in front of a local hotel.

– The Newcastle Sun (NSW) Tuesday 7 May 1929.

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