Sturt Arcade Hotel, Adelaide

sturt arcade hotel adelaide 1924

Sturt Arcade Hotel, Grenfell Street (north side) Adelaide May 16 1924. The hotel was built in 1885, along with the Adelaide Arcade and Gays Arcade. The right of way at the side of the hotel is directly opposite Wyatt Street. Photo: State Library of South Australia.

THE death of Mr W. Sandover, of Hose Park, in his eighty-seventh year, removes an old publican and politician who was an active public man in Adelaide from the early fifties to the eighties. Going to the Victorian diggings, he returned to Adelaide with a profit of £400, which he invested in the old Sturt Hotel in Grenfell Street, and in which he remained for 12 years. He was a member of the South Australian Parliament for fourteen years, and one of the founders of the L V.A., which held its 37th annual meeting last Tuesday.
– Quiz (Adelaide, SA) Friday 12 March 1909.

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