Grand Hotel, Temora

Grand Hotel Temora 1949 small ANU

The Grand Hotel, Temora NSW 1949. Photo: Australian National University, Noel Butlin Archives.

The Grand Hotel: “a combination of beauty, compactness and comfort”

THE Grand Hotel, Temora (NSW) was built and opened by local publican, William Kenny, who had operated the Terminus Hotel on the opposite corner.

Kenny first applied to have the pub opened in late 1899, however was denied a license after some strong objection from the local police, who considered there were enough drinking holes already in the township.

To the Licensing Court, District of Temora.

NOTICE is hereby given that I, WILLIAM KENNY, of Temora, in the colony of New South Wales, lately a licensed publican, but now out of business, being desirous of obtaining a new Publican’s License for the promises proposed to be erected on allotment 10 of section 17, town of Temora, and situate at the corner of Loftus and Schleicher streets, Temora, before building such now premises will make a conditional application to a special meeting of the Licensing Court to be holden at Temora on the 24th day of November, 1899 in respect of the said premises and I will apply that the said Court will grant such conditional application and record the same in the book of proceedings of the said Court and furnish a copy of such record to me. The said premises are to be known by the sign of the Grand Hotel and to contain eleven rooms exclusive of those required for the use of the family according to the plans and specifications deposited with the Clerk of the said Court at the Court House, Temora. Dated this thirtieth day of October, 1899. WILLIAM KENNY, Hoskins-street, Temora.

-Temora Star (NSW), Saturday 11 November 1899.

Kenny contracted a Mr Butler to build the single storey pub in March 1900, and the building was completed in September of the same year. The Temora Star reported on September 22 1900:

We draw the attention of our readers to the fact that “The Grand” Hotel, erected by Contractor Butler for Mr. W. Kenny, has been completed and is now open for business. The building is quite an acquisition to the town and district of Temora, and is well described as being a combination of beauty, compactness and comfort. It reflects great credit upon the architect and contractor, and is which the proprietor might well be proud of.

Temora boy, and fellow pub enthusiast, Pat Adams tells me that ‘The Grand’ was known locally as “The Mud Hut” and closed its doors in 2008 after it was sold to the next door, ex-services club.

“This pub through the 70s and 80s was a workers’ pub and sponsored several sporting codes including the Temora Kangaroos AFL team,” Pat writes. “During this period many a Friday night it was standing room only.”

Pat says he believes the Temora Ex-Services Club has earmarked the pub for demolition and it will be replaced with motel accommodation.

grand hotel closed temora google

The former Grand Hotel, Temora NSW. Photo: Google Streetview


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