Prince of Wales Hotel, Gulgong

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Prince of Wales Hotel, Gulgong NSW. Photo: Time Gents 2017.

The Gulgong Telephone.
Mr Frank Egan, of the Prince of Wales’ Hotel, Gulgong, is having the telephone installed. This building is undergoing repairs, painting, renova tions, &c.
Mudgee Guardian (NSW ) Thursday 22 August 1907.




At one time the Prince of Wales Hotel, in Gulgong, had bark sides and roof, and the rooms were divided by bag lining, and it was a toffy hotel, too. Not far from Gulgong, on the Mudgee-Wellington road there was a pub that had peculiar name of “The Pig and Whistle”. The hotel flourished for many years, until a tragedy took place in it that destroyed its custom. An unfortunate that had been drinking took into his head that the landlady had been in love with him, an he thought that she had turned him down, and in his frenzy he met the unfortunate woman in the hall and nearly severed her head from her body with a razor. There is little doubt the man was in the horrors, but in those days “hang them up” was the law, so he expiated his crime on the gallows. – W.S. In the “Wellington Times.”

– Mudgee Guardian (NSW), Thursday 19 May 1932


dillons hotel small gulgong

Dillon’s Hotel on the site of the Prince of Wales Hotel, Gulgong C1875.

Improvements to Gulgong Hotel

Work has commenced on alterations at the Prince of Wales Hotel in Gulgong. Quite recently, Mr. E. Taylor, principal of the firm of Eric Taylor and Co., of Newcastle, owners of the premises, visited the town to make final arrangements for the improvements to be effected. Mr. Robert Wilson (who with Mrs. Wilson is staying at the hotel) is foreman in charge of the job. Mr. C. Worldon, a local tradesman, commenced repainting and repair work a couple of weeks ago. The bar is being enlarged and a saloon bar is to be added, taking in part of the present large dining room, which is to be reconstructed.

– Mudgee Guardian (NSW), Thursday 16 July 1953

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