Commercial Hotel, Dorrigo

commercial hotel dorrigo nsw

The Commercial Hotel, Dorrigo, NSW. Photo: Google Streetview.


It’s the first time a Scotsman has been seen to leave a beer on the bar while he left the room, said an eye witness one day last week. We have it through ‘the grape vine’ that a black snake, undoubtedly feeling the heat, was nosing around the main entrance to the Commercial Hotel (Dorrigo) and a certain local farmer — Scotland bred — was having a beer. In his haste to dispense with the parch-throated reptile, the farmer left his beer unattended on the bar. Losing his tradition? Anyhow, Wallie Hoy knows all about it!

– The Don Dorrigo Gazette and Guy Fawkes Advocate (NSW) Friday 9 November 1951.


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