Victoria Hotel, Geelong

victoria hotel Geelong

Victoria Hotel, corner of Moorabool and Malop Streets Geelong. Undated.

Sucked Beer Through Garden Hose

MELBOURNE, Tuesday. – The story of the disappearance of a nine-gallon barrel of beer from the Victoria Hotel, Geelong, on May 5, and the subsequent discovery of five men seated round the barrel sucking the beer through a garden hose was told in Geelong City Court today. Two men were each fined £10, in default one month’s imprisonment, for larceny.

– News (Adelaide, SA) Tuesday 10 May 1938.

The Victoria Family and Commercial Hotel opened at the corner of Moorabool and Malop Streets Geelong in the 1860s and remained a landmark watering hole for almost a century before the Commonwealth Bank purchased its freehold in 1951. The pub was demolished to make way for a bank and today the Geelong Bank trades from the corner. The pub was owned for many years during the 1940s by the Volum family.

Can anyone tell us more about the Victoria Hotel?


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