The pubs of the old Western Australian gold mining town of Menzies


white house hotel menzies wa 1898
The White House Hotel in Menzies was built by Mr F. Devas in 1895, and he conducted it for a short period. Mr Devas contracted a severe attack of typhoid, and to the extreme regret of his many friends, succumbed after three weeks illness. Mr Webb succeeded Mr Devas, the house still retaining its good old name. A fortnight before the opening of the railway, the house was burned to the ground, the fire starting in a shop some distance down the street. It completely demolished the White House Hotel, St. Alban’s Hotel, and several shops. Mr Webb’s loss was considerable, but, with characteristic energy, he erected temporary buildings, and catered for a large number of visitors at the time of the railway opening. Tenders were at once called for the erection of a new hotel, Mr C. R Arnott. architect, being entrusted with the design and supervision. The result is certainly creditable to the architect, and also to the builder, Mr McInnes. From its appearance it is well called the White House Hotel. The house is built of stone, and is a worthy addition to the town. The rooms are large and well-ventilated, and the ceilings lined with ornamental stamped zinc. Visitors will find the accommodation equal to that of any metropolitan hotel, from the coolest and best of drinks to the luxury of a bath.


Grand Hotel Menzies WA 1898
The Grand Hotel, situate in Shenton street, is a fine commodious two-storey building, built of stone and brick, and is a standing record of the owners belief in the future of Menzies*. The lessees, Messrs Henderson and M’Adam are school mates from the west of Scotland, and have certainly shown that they know how to hit the public taste. Andy Henderson is one of our oldest residents, and did well in the early days, so well indeed, that he was enabled to take a trip to the land of cakes, where, meeting his old friend, he induced him to return to the west with him. In July last, they jointly leased the “Grand,” and up to the present, have 110 reasons to regret their venture. As staunch Caledonians, one can rest assured they keep only the best whiskey, while at the same time the accommodation for travellers is unsurpassed.

-The Menzies Miner (WA) Saturday 24 December 1898.

The Grand later became the Railway Hotel. The building survives to this day. More at Menzies’ Railway Hotel.

* Menzies is a town in the Goldfields-Esperance region of Western Australia, 728 kilometres east-northeast of the state capital, Perth, and 133 kilometres north-northwest of the city of Kalgoorlie. At the 2016 census, Menzies had a population of 108.


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  1. Pubs were in Shenton St, not Shelton St.
    My family used to own both. The White House was residential in the 39’s 40’s when my mum lived there with her parents. It was used as a guest house until the early ‘60’s They also owned the Grand where my great grand parents lived and owned.
    Nice to see some great old photos.

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