The demolition and relocation of the old Merrylands Hotel

Vanishing landmark

merrylands hotel demoilished

Merrylands’ first ‘pub’ has finally gone under the wrecker’s hammer.

The former hotel on the corner of Sherwood Road and Merrylands Road is being demolished to make way for an elaborate supermarket and shopping block project. Cost of the project is estimated at £120,000.

The hotel has a quaint history which goes back to the pioneer days of the late 1800s.

Mrs Margaret Devlin, grandmother of the present Deputy Mayor of Holroyd, Ald. R. Devlin, held the licence for the hotel for the longest period.

– The Broadcaster (Fairfield, NSW) Tuesday 13 April 1965.

Mary Margaret Devlin was granted approval at Parramatta Licensing Court to remove the license of the Merrylands Hotel, which had traded at the corner of Merrylands Road and Sherwood Road, to the corner of Merrylands Road and Pitt Street, Merrylands in 1922. The new pub was cvloser to the railway station. The old pub became a boarding house and a shop until its demolition in 1965.


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