Dot pulled over 10,000 kegs of beer over her 20 year career behind the bars of Sydney pubs

Bayview Hotel Gladesville 1960 ANU
The Bayview Hotel, Gladesville when Dot Mayfield was barmaid. Picture: Noel Butlin Archives, Australian National University. 
Dot Mayfield
Dot Mayfield at the bar

Dot Mayfield has walked across Australia and back in her job as barmaid during the past 20 years — and if she has her way she just might do it again.

Mrs Dorothy (please call me Dot) Mayfield, of Vincent Street, Merrylands, has just made some interesting calculations of her time in the pub trade. Dot and her electronics engineer son, Don have made a study of 20 years of serving customers from four different hotels in Sydney.

“Don does these things in his spare time, just for fun,” Dot explained. “He reckons I must have walked at least 25 million yards or 14,000 miles up and down behind the bar serving customers over the years,” she said.

Even more startling was the amount of beers Don claims Dot has pulled over the years.

“Don’s figures say I have pulled 29 million beers or 10,000 kegs!”

Dot lived the early part of her life at Gladesville, after being born at Auburn. Oddly enough, she went to school in a building which stood next door to the Bayview Hotel — where she later began her trade as a barmaid.

She had two brothers and a sister and her mother still lives at Gladesville. Her father, Doug, died four years ago. Dot left school at 14 and spent a couple of years wandering about on trains, throughout the State. Her father was on the tramways and he was issued with free passes each year which enabled Dot to visit relatives who lived up the country.

When the war broke out she joined the array at 18 and was attached to the signals branch and served all over Australia. She spent four years in the army, where she met her husband, Ron. After they married they went to live in South Australia where Ron was an electrician. She stayed for about seven years and when Ron died she moved back to Sydney to her family.

Dot began her long and interesting work in the pubs and after a couple of years at the Bayview, she obtained a house in Merrylands and moved out here. She has now settled at the Greystanes Inn, where she is happy and intends to stay. Dot likes her work as barmaid and said, “I would never give it away — oh no, not ever.

“Not unless I win the lottery, of course.”

– Broadcaster (Fairfield, NSW), Tuesday 23 May 1972.

THE beer first began to flow at the Bayswater Hotel, Gladesville, 10kms north-west of Sydney’s CBD, in 1879. The current building was built at a cost of £10,000 in 1928 and replaced an already imposing two storey structure on what was then known as the Great Northern Road. The present two storey brick building on Victoria Road was designed by architect G. W. Pettigrew from the firm Pitt and Morrow.

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