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ONE of Australia’s smallest hotels was said to be at Allendale, near Ballarat in Victoria.

The pub measured 8 yards [7.3 metres] by 8 yards and was known as the Allendale Hotel.

A signboard outside the one bar, one bedroomed hotel, read: “S for Superior, A for Accommodation.”

The pub was the last of the township’s 15 hotels, which opened in the gold rush days.

The hotel served its last customer on December 31 1952, when every drinker in the town’s 200 population turned up to give it a farewell party.

The owner, a Mr. E. F. Goldsmith, refused to spend £10,500 on hotel renovations, so the Licensing Court cancelled the licence.

“It was worth £2,500 a few weeks ago, but today I can sell it for only £100,” Goldsmith said at the time.

Local drinkers claimed the Allendale Hotel was the “tiniest pub in the world”. However, I’ve found reference to an even smaller pub then the Allendale.

Twenty-five miles out from Tennant Creek in the Northern Territory traded an even smaller pub in 1945.

Known as ‘The Dolly Pot’, it was said to be 15 feet [4.5 metres] long by 15 feet wide, with a saloon 8 feet [2.4 metres] by 8 feet. It was reported that two men at a time was the service limit of the four-feet [1.2 metre] long bar.

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  1. There is something enduring about seemingly forgotten places that have slipped through a crack in time, because when the wearied traveler walks through the door, the dried hinges announcing their arrival with unnerving grinding and squeals, more often than not it is as if time has stopped, taking shelter in the curiosity in the temporal stream while Life goes on, unhurried in relative quietness and stillness not known elsewhere.

    Nice to meet you.

    Jim Hess


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