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James Tattersalls Hotel Hill End NSW 1870s

James Tattersall’s Hotel, Hill End, C1875. Photo: State Library of NSW.

IT is difficult to find a place in Australia where there is not someone, who, at some time or other, has been connected in some way, with the old mining village of Hill End (NSW).
This is not to be wondered at when it is considered that, since the “gold-boom” days of the 1870s, nearly 50,000 of its erstwhile inhabitants have migrated. The town, once boasted a newspaper office, three newsagents, three banks, and 45 hotels. Two bank agencies still operate, and two hostelries are sufficient to cater for the thirst of the remaining couple of hundred villagers.
– “Gee.”
– Wider & Wilder, Smith’s Weekly (Sydney) Saturday 15 December 1934.

* These days only one businesses survives in Hill End – The Royal Hotel.

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  1. There are a few more businesses….Northeys camping store, the General Store, Hill End Estate Cafe on Saturday & Sunday, Hill End Press, the Lodge and the Ranch. Don’t forget the NPWS interpretation Centre and History Hill Museum. And on Easter Saturday there is a market in the Royal Hall. Still plenty going on this iconic historic town.
    For those with family or ancestors from the place there is also plenty of family history to uncover – check out http://www.heatgg.org.au
    Great place for a short break.

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