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commercial hotel woods point victoria 1925

Ross’ Commercial Hotel, Woods Point, Victoria, 1925. Photo: Museums Victoria.

Many towns in Australia are but shadows of what they were in the “good old days,” but surely Woods Point (Vic.) beats, them all. According to official figures compiled in the hey-day of gold-mining, it was an evangelist’s heaven. There were 40 hotels and wine saloons, three breweries, and a dozen or so dancing saloons. Girls, were brought from Melbourne as professional dancing partners, and worked in shifts so that lucky diggers could dance the clock around in between drinks. Now, the township supports but one hotel. Alas!
– Wider & Wilder, Smith’s Weekly Saturday 10 August 1935.

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  1. Hi Mick, is there a way I can contact you about a story for radio?

  2. Ah but the pub at Woods Point although risen from the ashes of bushfire is a beauty with a delightful beer garden.

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