Commercial Hotel, Woods Point, and the glory that was…

commercial hotel woods point victoria 1925
Ross’ Commercial Hotel, Woods Point, Victoria, 1925. Picture: Museums Victoria.

Many towns in Australia are but shadows of what they were in the “good old days,” but surely Woods Point (Vic.) beats, them all. According to official figures compiled in the hey-day of gold-mining, it was an evangelist’s heaven. There were 40 hotels and wine saloons, three breweries, and a dozen or so dancing saloons. Girls, were brought from Melbourne as professional dancing partners, and worked in shifts so that lucky diggers could dance the clock around in between drinks. Now, the township supports but one hotel. Alas!
– Wider & Wilder, Smith’s Weekly Saturday 10 August 1935.

The Commercial Hotel at Woods Point, Victoria was still trading in January 2020 when it was listed for private sale. A story published on reported:

Commercial Hotel, Woods Point: Classic pub for sale, no craft beer

By Jayitri Smiles

A mining town with a population of “about 14” on the banks of the Goulburn River is looking for someone new to run their cherished pub.

The Woods Point watering hole at 22 Bridge St is on the market with a $550,000-$595,000 price guide.

Harcourts Mansfield agent Dean Shipley said the Commercial Hotel was an important landmark for the tiny town, which he estimated had about 14 residents.

“There are two mines that operate not far from there and the miners keep the pub going,” Mr Shipley said.

“But there’s also a huge tourist population, which keeps it going over Christmas and the holidays. It’s the only place for miles around where you can get a beer.”

He called the listing a “typical Australian pub”, with “no craft beer, pineapple beer or raspberry beer” available.

“There is only one tap behind the bar and it only serves beer … I’m pretty sure it’s Carlton Draught,” Mr Shipley said.

“The owner deliberately didn’t put any more taps in, because if you give people too much choice it takes up too much time.”

The 1940s country pub also includes 12 rooms of accommodation, a beer garden, breakfast lounge and kitchen.

The freehold sale includes everything inside, including a variety of mining knick-knacks, vintage furniture and a pool table.

The pub is up for private sale.

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  1. Hi Mick, is there a way I can contact you about a story for radio?

  2. Ah but the pub at Woods Point although risen from the ashes of bushfire is a beauty with a delightful beer garden.

  3. I lived there in the late 60s and early 70s my father worked A1 mine settlement

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