Dee Why Hotel, Dee Why

schooner glass tipping 1943

Last Boxing Day was not a happy one for mine host, Nev Tipping, of the Dee Why Hotel, Sydney. And yet it should have been. He had plenty of beer, a great number of customers, excellent drinking weather, and 2,000 brand-new schooner glasses. At closing time he only had 600 schooners left. Of the 2,000, over 1,000 were so damaged that they cannot be used again, and 400 were stolen.

-Smith’s Weekly, January 9 1943.

Dee Why Hotel 1949 ANU

Dee Why Hotel, Dee Why NSW, 1949. Photo: Noel Butlin Archives, Australian National University.

The Tipping family – father, Nev and wife, Emily, along with their son, Nigel – hosted the Dee Why Hotel from 1935 to 1954. The patriach of the family, Nev, died in 1951.

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