Shakespeare Hotel, Surry Hills

shakespeare hotel surry hills Sydney

The Shakespeare Hotel, Surry Hills, Sydney, 2018. Photo: Time Gents.

Shakespeare Hotel Surry Hills 1949 ANU

The Shakespeare Hotel, Surry Hills, Sydney, 1949. Photo: Noel Butlin Archives, Australian National University.

“LET’S drop into the ‘Shakey’ for a bite and a beer,” was my suggestion as we battled the traffic towards Sydney from Wollongong today.

A morning visiting dad in Coledale Hospital, and the thirst inducing drive north to Sydney, through grinding traffic, prompted the ‘Shakey’ suggestion.

The Shakespeare Hotel, Surry Hills, sits atop the list of my favourite Sydney pubs.
How can you pass a pub where dogs lay at the feet of your bar stool? How can you resist such pleasure? How can you not savour a pub, where sitting at the bar, scoffing an affordable ‘countery’ – a generous and delicious serve of tucker – is the norm?

This afternoon, I enjoyed a few Reschs – more than my normal intake of lager, to the distaste of my wife – and lunch at the Shakespeare Hotel.

Enjoying the merryment amongst the drinkers and diners was 10-year-old ‘Sky’.

Sky, a bitsa Jack Russell, and her lifelong mate, are regulars at the Shakey. Old mate told us, as he cut part of his steak to share with Sky, that they had been companions since he found her abandoned as a pint-sized pup inside a shoe-box.

sky shakespeare hotel surry hills 2018 TG

Sky in the public bar of the Shakespeare Hotel, Surry Hills, Sydney, 2018. Photo: Time Gents.

shakespeare hotel surry hills counter lunch

Counter meals are the norm at the Shakespeare Hotel, Surry Hills, Sydney. Photo: Time Gents.

Contented, Sky looked up as if to agree, as she chewed her steak, washing it down with water lapped from a stainless steel bowl.

This all unfolded as we enjoyed our lunch, sitting, eating and drinking from our stools at the bar. I just can’t get enough of this pub. This is all that I love about Australian pubs. 

The Shakey is a special place within a rapidly changing Sydney; Drinkers on the footpath, dogs in the pub – and counter-lunches at the bar.

Sky is not the only contented customer.

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