Grand Hotel Coolgardie

grand hotel coolgradie western australia 1897

Grand Hotel, Coolgardie, 1897

THE hotel pictured on this page is undoubtedly one of the finest structures on the [gold] fields. Situated in a commanding position on a rise at the corner of Lefroy and Sylvester streets, its magnificent proportions compel the attention and admiration of the new arrival. The proprietors are Messrs Lipman aad Vincent, who have very evidently spared no pains to make their hostelry one of the best on the fields. The interior is thoroughly in keeping with the exterior, and within the four walls are to be found all the comforts and luxuries of an advanced civilisation. The electric light is installed throughout the building, and from front to back the accommodition at the Grand is beyond criticism. Any recommendation on our part is almost superfluous, as this hotel has long enough ago joined a decidedly enviable reputation throughout the length and breadth of Westralia.

– Coolgardie Pioneer, Saturday 11 December 1897


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