Star Hotel, Sydney

A Morning Pick-Me Up

Star Hotel George Street Sydney 1949 anu

Glenfield’s Star Hotel, George Street, Sydney 1949. Photo: Noel Butlin Archives, Australian National University.

bird glass 2“No, I don’t want a drink this morning yet,” says Peter the budgerigar as he perches on a glass. “But I’ll take my bath now.”

In a tilted schooner of luke warm water, Peter washes himself.

Peter lives with his owner, Mrs Thelma Smith, in the Star Hotel, George St., city. Each morning after his bath he is dried with a towel and is ready for a tot of brandy or whisky and soda.

– The Sydney Sun Sunday 14 June 1953.

The Star Hotel was at the corner of Dalley and Georges Streets in Sydney. The hotel closed for business in 1957 and its license was transferred to “East Bankstown” to enable the Greenacres Hotel to open.

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