Cow makes an unwelcome visit to the Oxford Hotel, Rockhampton

Oxford Hotel Rockhampton 1949 Morning Bulletin Thursday 17 March 1949

The Oxford Hotel, Rockhampton, 1949. Photo: Morning Bulletin Thursday 17 March 1949.

oxford hotel rockhampton 2 google

Oxford Hotel, corner of Denham and East Streets, Rockhampton 2017. Photo: Google Streetview.


oxford hotel rockhampton cow 1952A roan cow stirred up plenty of excitement when it wandered into the bar and lounge of a Rockhampton pub, and finished almost “under the table”, reported the Rockhampton Morning Bulletin on August 12 1952.

The animal had strayed along Quay Lane and made for the back entrances of the Oxford Hotel at the corner of East and Denham Streets.

The cow squeezed through a door into the pub and made a circuit of the bar as patrons scrambled out into the street. One customer was ordering a rum and milk when a more observant friend called out: “The milk’s on tap and nearer than you think”.

The rum drinker had a quick backward glance and went without both.

The cow then ambled into the private lounge where she met three men with stock experience. They threw her on the floor and held her there until the police took her into custody”. A crane and a truck removed the uninvited guest.

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