The 20-Mile Hotel, Outback Qld

Twenty Mile Hotel, halfway between Aramac and Barcaldine in Queensland, 1911THIS grainy image of the Twenty-Mile Hotel, also known as the Half-Way House, being half-way between Aramac and Barcaldine in outback northern Queensland, was taken in 1911.

At the time the pub was owned and hosted by Jack Richardson, who later retired to Anakie.

Joe Kingston, owner and driver of the car, known as the Aramac Express, is sitting at the wheel. A lady passenger, Miss Mary Wilson, was cook at the hotel.

Publican Jack and small son are in the second seat of the car all ready for a trip to Barcaldine.

Also seen in the image, published in the Rockhampton Morning Bulletin on Friday September 7 1951, can be seen empty beer kegs are on board. A five gallon keg of beer in 1911 could be bought for 15 shillings, plus freight.

Jack Richardson got most of his wines and spirits from Scotland and waited three months for stocks to arrive. Good Scotch whisky or other spirits could be obtained at six pence per nip. Foster’s lager was also six pence a glass.



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