The true tale of the ‘ghost’ of Bulli pub revealed in new book

Bulli Pub Ghost 3 BW

The corridors of the Heritage Hotel are said to be haunted by a former publican, Ted Cullen. Picture digitally altered/Mick Roberts Collection

EVERYONE loves a good ghost story – especially when it involves a pub.

Bulli’s Heritage Hotel, on the NSW South Coast, has been ‘haunted’ by ‘Old Ted’, a former publican, for almost 90 years.

Many a publican and resident of the 130 year-old pub have told of a chilling encounter with Edward ‘Ted’ Cullen. Taps on the shoulder from behind, brushes through the narrow halls, and unexplained noises through the night are nothing unusual at the Heritage Hotel.

Old Ted, after running into financial difficulties, ended his life in 1930, by hanging himself in the upstairs bathroom. Besides reportedly haunting its corridors, Ted also is said to take an active role in the pub’s management. Present day publicans often find boxes of liquor mysteriously re-positioned, as if Ted was unhappy with their location.

During the pub’s restoration, the door into the bathroom where Ted ended his life was often found wide open, despite it being securely locked each night.

The tragic true story of Edward ‘Ted’ Cullen, and an interview in the 1990s with his daughter, is just one of the many yarns and tales revealed in Sister Pubs, a history of the Heritage Hotel, Bulli, and the Bellambi Hotel, Bellambi.

To help celebrate the 130th anniversaries of the Heritage Hotel, Bulli, and Bellambi Hotel, Bellambi, ‘Time Gents’ presents the history book, ‘Sister Pubs’, featuring stories of their colourful characters, a list of all the publicans, amusing yarns, and plenty of beaut pictures.

Available at the Bellambi Hotel (call first as there are few copies remaining), or at the Black Diamond Heritage Centre, Bulli Railway Station, Franklin Ave (open Sunday from 1pm to 4pm).



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