Drinkers join the Salvos in Christmas carols outside South Brisbane pub

Salvos Dorset Hotel Dorset Tasmania September 4 1994 Mick Roberts Picture TG W

Salvation Army Band playing oustide the Dorset Hotel, Dorset, Tasmania, 1994. Picture: Mick Roberts Collection

MEMBERS of the Salvation Army band were playing and singing Christmas carols outside a South Brisbane hotel. Drinkers in the bar joined in merrily.

“You can’t sing in here,” roared the barman.

“If you want to sing go out and join the Army.”

Several drinkers moved out to the footpath, still clutching their glasses of beer. A constable appeared and told them they couldn’t drink there and would have to get back into the pub.

Result: The hotel doorway jammed with men, one foot on the footpath and one in the bar, singing and gargling as the mood took them.

– Old Bill’s Column, Brisbane Telegraph December 23 1954 

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