Perth newspaper vendor, Jimmy could make beer run up hill

drinking beer on head 1930 front

drinking beer on head 1930MEET Jimmy ‘Tich’ McCann (pictured).

Jimmy was a well-known newspaper seller and ‘bootblack’ on the streets of Perth, Western Australia, during the 1930s.

The ‘old fella’ loved his beer – especially upside down. You see, Jimmy claimed he could make beer run uphill faster than anyone else in the world.

Although there’s no official records, the paper vendor proudly claimed to hold the Australian record for drinking beer on his head.

Jimmy’s claim to fame, reported the Perth Mirror in September 1930, was that he could drink pots of beer while standing on his head.

Jimmy would up-end himself, supported by his feet against a wall, and then he would take hold of a full pot and make it run uphill!

There was only one stipulation Jimmy made about pots he drank upside down. The person who wanted to see this amazing phenomenon had to pay for the them!

Picture: Perth Mirror September 20 1930


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