Perth Hotels

Policeman shot dead in bar of Perth’s Brisbane Hotel

NOW a popular pub in the Perth inner city suburb of Highgate, the Brisbane Hotel has traded for over 120 years. The pub, located at the corner of Brisbane and Beaufort Streets, was established in 1898. In recent years, the… Read More ›

Zandra the pub nude made Chloe look like ‘an elderly spinster in a red flannel negligee’

EVERYONE knows Chloe the famous ‘goil – in – oils’ at Young and Jackson’s Melbourne bar. Now in Perth (a short priced city in any pulchritude contest) she’s got a rival. And I mean rival. She’s Zandra, a finely-executed nude… Read More ›

Perth newspaper vendor, Jimmy could make beer run up hill

MEET Jimmy ‘Tich’ McCann (pictured). Jimmy was a well-known newspaper seller and ‘bootblack’ on the streets of Perth, Western Australia, during the 1930s. The ‘old fella’ loved his beer – especially upside down. You see, Jimmy claimed he could make… Read More ›

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