Tattersalls Hotel: The evolution of Armidale’s art-deco masterpiece

Tattersalls Hotel Armidale Picture Tattersalls Hotel Armidale

The Tattersalls Hotel, Armidale, 2020. Picture: Tattersalls Hotel, Armidale

ELLEN Maccoy had the license of the House of All Nations at Rocky River transferred to Armidale (NSW) on April 27, 1858, opening the Wellington Inn on Beardy Street – the current site of the Tattersalls Hotel.

The license has been issued continuously on the site since that time.

In 1873 the old Wellington Inn was demolished and replaced with a new three storey hotel in May 1874.

In 1884, the hotel was sold to Patrick Wade for £5,000, who changed its name to the Tattersalls Hotel. Wade increased the Beardy Street frontage in 1889 with the construction of the east wing and addition of large cast iron balconies, at that time the only one in Australia. Further additions were completed in 1893.

Tattersalls Hotel Armidale NSW 1924 NBA ANU

Tattersalls Hotel, Armidale, 1924. Picture: Noel Butlin Archives, Australian National University


Harold J Robinson bought the pub for £17,000 in 1929. He had Tattersalls completely remodelled in 1936/37 in its current Art-Deco style.

Robinson had the hotel connected to the new Armidale sewerage system, and installed the first electric lift in the city. The additions included 25 bedrooms on the first floor, 29 bedrooms including a magnificent dining room with Tallow wood floor for dancing on the second floor, lined the stairway with walnut plywood and had Art-Deco pressed metal ceilings installed in many areas.

Tattersalls Hotel Armidale NSW 1938 NBA ANU

The Tattersalls Hotel, Armidale, 1939. Picture: Noel Butlin Archives, Australian National University


In 2016, owners John and Annette Cassidy decided to proceed with a total re-development of the hotel in Art-Deco style.

The pub remains a favourite with Armidale residents, and visitors.

– With thanks to Tattersalls Hotel, Armidale

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