The last of the barmaids

last barmaid cartoon 1928

And it was enacted that there be no new barmaids in the land of Victoria; but those already registered only, to continue in their calling. So it shall come to pass in the end that one alone shall be left, and she shall receive great honour and be as a queen among men, and a gold mine among innkeepers. And her subjects of the 1920s shall be loyal to her, leaving their wives, so as to quaff beer at her shrine. And they shall be many who get killed in the crush. And hebe shall be assisted by waiters to cope with the business, and many shekels a day shall be the takings of her till. And cunning innkeepers shall come to her master with honeyed words and rich offerings of gold for her labours. But having his head screwed on the right way, these shall he turn down. Yea, verily!

– Smith’s Weekly February 11 1928



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