Seeing double

seeing double cartoon 1933

BLOTTO had the bar to himself excepting for the buxom blonde barmaid, who had just passed him a drink. “It’sh eashy to shee you two are twinsh,” said Blotto.

“Shame hair, shame eyesh, shame everyshing. Then three men walked, in, all more or less sprung.

“Jush in time, boysh. Washer-avin?” enquired Blotto.

“Mine’s a whisky,” said the first and second.

“Ditto. All wishkies?” said the third.

“Goodo ! Sixh wishkies. An’ you an’ your shister’ll join ush, won’t you?” asked Blotto.

“Sure. Thanks. That’ll be eight whiskies,” replied the barmaid, serving four drinks.

“Six shillings, please.”

Blotto put down three single shillings, counting, “two-four-six.”

“But that’s only three shillings,” exclaimed the barmaid as she picked up the cash.

“Oh, yeash!” replied Blotto.

“But what abou’ the three (hic) your shister picked up.”

– Smith’s Weekly September 9 1933 

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  1. Well thank you. A great mystery is solved. One of my common slang terms is blotto, meaning I was, or someone else, was drunk, or blotto . I picked it up from my grandad but never knew it’s history . He left me with dozens of expressions and sayings . He was Mum’s dad , a small time farmer cum fisherman who’d had a tough life being orphaned at 7. He virtually worked full time from 12 to help his mother and three younger siblings survive on the farm during WW 1. When I was a young man I can remember him saying …” If you go out drinking with your mates, don’t get too blotto”

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