Three Western Australian publicans from the past

Bob Connell

Burlington Hotel, Bunbury

Bob Connell Burlington Hotel Bunbury WA 1937Mine host of the remodelled Burlington Hotel, in Victoria-street, Bunbury, Bob has proved one of the most effective workers in the interests of the town and district. No man is better versed in the potentialities and the requirements of the South-West as the genial Bob C., who, in his younger days, was associated with the timber trade. Nowadays Bob’s hobby is the turf – it is because of the inherent love he has for horses: the betting side doesn’t worry him. He is chairman of the Bunbury Race Club, and to him much of the credit is due for the prominent position which the club holds amongst country racing organisations in this State.

– Perth Sunday Times 5 December 1937 

John Guilfoyle

Australian Hotel, Perth

John Guilfoyle Australian Hotel PerthThe licensee of the Australian Hotel in Murray-street Mr John Guilfoyle, whose photograph we publish herewith, is one of the most popular publicans of Perth. Mr Guilfoyle’s life since he struck these shores in ’78 has been a strenuous one, and as by his own efforts he has built up a snug little business, he is all the more entitled to respect. Born at Scariff, County Clare, Ireland. Mr, Guilfoyle was just 18 when he arrived here, and he lost no time in tackling hard, and graft in the shape or navvying on the northern line, between Geralton and Northampton. When that job was finished he started on the first section of the Perth-Fremantle line, and subsequently he became first porter at the Perth railway station, Capt. Wilkinson then being stationmaster.

Mr. Guilfoyle was soon promoted to be a guard, and after that he turned publican, taking over the Victoria Hotel. The occupation of beer selling did not appeal very strongly to John G. at that time. He thought, it too slow; so he went into business as a

financier and builder, but he was not a great success in that line. Then he returned to hotel-keeping. He secured what was known as the Oddfellows’ Hall in Murray-street, and got a licence for the Australian Hotel. After he had been two years in the Australian Hotel, Mr. Guilfoyle leased it for eight years to Harry Blake. During that time Mr. Guilfoyle took on a contract for erecting a telegraph line between Beverley and Broome Hill, and also had several mail contracts. The liquor dispensed at the Australian is always of the best quality. It should not be forgotten that Mr Guilfoyle was responsible for a reduction in the retail prices of the leading brands, his bottle department being now quite a feature in Perth.

– Perth Truth 30 September 1905 

Ted Church Publican Criterion Hotel Perth 1937TED CHURCH

Criterion Hotel, Perth

There have been many licensees of the Criterion Hotel down the years of Western Australia’s historic cavalcade, but none more popular than this racing roan, good all-round sportsman, station owner and thoroughly good fellow, Ted Church.

– Perth Sunday Times 8 August 1937

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  1. Thank you for the article on John Guilfoyle. Do you have any more information about him and his family?

  2. Marty McDonald, Royal Hotel Perth, followed by Dickie Walker at the Royal Hotel ex Civic ex Esperence Hotel.

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