Zandra the pub nude made Chloe look like ‘an elderly spinster in a red flannel negligee’

zandraEVERYONE knows Chloe the famous ‘goil – in – oils’ at Young and Jackson’s Melbourne bar.

Now in Perth (a short priced city in any pulchritude contest) she’s got a rival. And I mean rival. She’s Zandra, a finely-executed nude by oil-painter Leon Hogan and for sheer nudism she makes Chloe look like an elderly spinster in a red flannel negligee.

Zandra will make her bow to the public in the saloon bar of Stan O’Brien’s Court Hotel on Monday.

Picture cost big money and represents a move in the O’Brien plan to bring the cash customers beauty with their beer. And another kick in the pants for the popular conception of a bar as a sort of chromium-plated drinking trough.

City connoisseurs have given the picture their okay but are already arguing whether its aesthetic home is a saloon bar or an art gallery.

– Perth Daily News August 7 1947


* To the disappointment of many a drinker in the Court Hotel, the nude oil ‘Zandra’, who was to have been the “Chloe of Perth”, was not hung publicly. The painting may have been considered a bit too risque for the times, and instead remained in a private office of the Court Hotel.



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