A Gay Old “Spark” at 80 Pulls Her Last Beer

67 years “at the bar” kept her youthful. By CYNTHIA STRACHAN “THEY say I’m a gay old spark – and I suppose they’re not far wrong,” Mornington’s 80-year-old hotel proprietor, Miss Edith Ruth Clifton, said with a mischievous chuckle on the eve of he retirement after… Read More ›


The Hero of The Rocks

By LESLIE F. HANNON TURN down any of the jigsaw streets on the northernside of Wynyard Square, run down the rock-hewn steps, slip through the twisting lanes behind the bondstores, and you are standing in chapter one of Australia’s history. The stout chipped stone blocks of the hotels, shops, warehouses, and residential that crowd the foot paths can tell… Read More ›

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