South Australia Hotels

The Bridgewater Inn’s Mrs Orchard

In March 1842, a young man with a sense of humour built a hotel near the south corner of what is now Arbury Park. His name was Benjamin Dean and he named his inn The Rural Deanery. In terms of… Read More ›


Joe is a regular

JOE THE RABBIT, owned by Sandy Mills, a Lockleys gardener, is a regular visitor and occasional drinker at the Mile End Hotel, Hilton [South Australia]. Joe is well known to the customers and today he perched on Les Smart’s shoulders while he was having a drink. Joe… Read More ›

Pub scrap album

PUBS often featured in the pages of newspapers, revealing a fascinating glimpse into the workings and culture of Australian communities and in particular working class men and women. Here are a selection: FOR 44 years she has served beer. In… Read More ›

Kicked bung from keg

Two small boys on holidays In Whyalla last week, committed the unforgivable sin of knocking the bung from a barrel of beer at the rear of one of the hotels. The manager said later that he would not have minded if they had broken… Read More ›

Vale: The saliors’ pubs

AS the inexorable trend of modernisation goes on round us, each day sees the demolition of yet one more of our old landmarks. Perhaps no other part of South Australia is suffering more from this than Port Adelaide. Already, many old but interesting buildings have fallen to allow construction of… Read More ›