Women in the public bar: “Men don’t swear when I’m here…”


Mrs Bob Lowick having a drink in a city hotel bar with husband.

When Mr. Bob Lowick, of Centennial Park, goes into a hotel bar for a drink, his wife goes with him.

Yesterday 50 men were drinking in the front bar of a North Terrace hotel when, at the height of the after-work rush hour, in walked Mr. and Mrs. Lowick.

She said later: “I always go into the bar to drink with Bob. Why shouldn’t I? A woman has as much right in a hotel bar as a man.

“In England, I believe, women always drink in the bars.

“I’ve never been refused a drink by a barman yet. Bob would object if I didn’t get one.

“The hotels don’t mind it has a good effect. You never hear any bad language in a bar if a woman is present.”

Mrs. Lowick, 30, is the mother of four children. Her husband is a milkman.

– Adelaide News October 29 1952


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