Victoria hotels

Young and Jacksons’ famous nude

THE Young and Jackson’s, built in the 1850s, is one of Australia’s most well known hotels. It was built, as the Princes Bridge Hotel (pictured above), on part of an allotment originally purchased by John Batman in 1837. Young and… Read More ›


The Popular Pub: When the Wowser Breasts the Bar.

THE Legislative Assembly has decided to permit publicans to sell non-intoxicating drinks after 9.30pm. It is expected that local publicans will follow the example of Glasgow by converting their hotels into social tea and refreshment rooms during prohibited hours.  – Truth (Melbourne, Victoria edition), Saturday 2 October 1915,… Read More ›

Licensing Police Solve Case of Disappearing Men

Find Them Hiding in Hotel Cellar Amongst Beer Barrels. Recently the Licensing Police, covertly posted,observed several men enter a South Melbourne hotel about 9.30 p.m. Deciding that a good ‘bag’ was gathered, they knocked and, after some delay, were admitted to the premises. A search… Read More ›

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